Description :

Visual Effects (VFX) is the use of artificial imagery to create manipulation of shots on screen. Anything which cannot be shot with a camera's lens is edited in post-production using VFX. Hi-Tech Animation offers one of the most prolific courses in VFX. The Indian entertainment scenario relies on VFX artists for the majority of their post-production works.

Our faculty has worked on some of the industry's biggest films and TV shows; they shall mentor you throughout the duration of this intensive training program. Join the best VFX institute in Shyambazar and build a career for yourself. Learn how to implement VFX for movies, television and web series in Hi-Tech Animation's prestigious VFX course.

Course Coverage :
  • Layout & prop design
  • CG Integration
  • Digital painting
  • Sculpting using ZBrush
  • Modeling & Texturing
  • Rigging (Character & Prop)
  • Skinning & Blend Shape
  • Character & prop animation
  • Body mechanism
  • Particle dynamics
  • nCloth
  • Maya fluids
  • Hair & Fur
  • Geometry shattering
  • Lighting & Shading
  • Multiple render engines
  • Pass rendering
  • Wire removal
  • Green Screen
  • Water simulation
  • Compositing CG set
  • Showreel development
  • Camera tracking
  • 3D pass compositing
  • Matchmoving
Course Duration : 24 Months

Since VFX demands error line technical knowledge and expertise, we have a team of experienced faculty who are equipped with production house expertise. They are accomplished teachers with students placed at leading production houses across India. Our associate company Graphics Box Master and WeMakeFreeWebsite.com has delivered over thousands of websites and graphics work for different national and international clients.

Prospects & Placement:

Today the entire world is dominated by web. Be it local or global, every business can outreach to global consumers with a relevant presence on web platform. Online presence is the crucial parameter of growth for both individual and organization. From banking services to restaurants everything is available on web world. Prospect of Graphic and Web designers have registered a decisive growth in last two decades. From Ad agency to manufacturing industries- no one can prosper without resorting to Graphic and web designers. Thousands of our students are placed in national and international studios as graphic and designers.